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Waiting for Baby Goats to be born! UGH!

Its that time of year, BABY GOAT SEASON!!! All of us goat owners are diligently watching our Does and impatiently awaiting the arrival of baby goats. We are constantly walking to barn and checking the behinds of our pregnant does looking for any sign of labor. Its a very exciting time!

Goats gestation period is about 5 months (145-150days). Most of us watch and record when the goats are bred. That way you can pinpoint the due date. Now if you missed the breeding happen then you don't always have the due date pinpointed. Then it becomes a waiting game. And here is where I am, the waiting period. I didn't exactly see the breeding happen with my one doe, Lily. I thought she was due before Fiona but I was wrong. Fiona had her babies first. I'm super excited to have the babies, I'm just still waiting for other babies.

I get anxious for the babies to arrive. I believe we all do. When it starts getting close to BABY GOAT SEASON you start wondering about how many babies the doe will have, the sex of the babies, and what colors they will be. Also some worry might come over us goat breeders. Will the babies be healthy, will they all be alive, will there be complications with the labor, will they need bottle fed, or can the doe handle feeding 3 plus babies.

Being a breeder has it's ups and downs. For the most part its the ups! Sometimes there are those moments of concern and downs. Let nature takes its course and do what it does.

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