Summer is Here!!

New soap scent available now for summer! It's called Tropic Getaway! It is a fragrance scented soap, coconut! Mini, Half, and Full bars are available!

Milk & Honey Soap is also available now! It is not a new soap but it is available again for summer. Mini and Half bars are available.

I've been busy making soap for a wedding that is to happen in September. The soap is the wedding favor. I have made 112 bars of soap for the event. My supplies that I use to make the soap has run low due to this. My priority was to get this soap made well before the wedding so that it could cure in plenty of time before wedding. This goal is now complete. I have ordered the supplies that I need and will get back to making more of the other soap that Copper Sun Acres offers. I will keep updating the website. Keep checking back for the soap you love.

Still not sure when (or where) Copper Sun Acres will be at a Craft and Vendor show this year. Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail about soap, lotion, or bath bombs. I am still making soap. I am only making lotion and bath bombs if requested.



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