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Goat Breeding update

End of Summer is drawing near. This is the time of year when Copper Sun Acres is thinking about the breeding season and getting things in preparation, normally.

Well, we are switching things up this time. Instead of breeding our Nigerian Dwarf does in the fall we are going to breed next spring for end of summer/beginning of fall babies. The webpage will be updated like it has in the past with expected due dates and the goat pairings.

Our Lamancha doe(she is pictured) will be bred this fall. this breed can only be bred between August - January. Hopefully she gets pregnant. It's been 2 years without a baby from her. All of her babies have been nothing but sweet and friendly! The one baby she had while she was with Copper Sun Acres was considered a mini mancha. That baby is super sweet! A friend bought her and they are teaching her tricks and she follows them around the farm like a dog! Her mama is a gentle giant! She is very sweet and plays with us and our beagle size dog! Full size lamancha mom + Nigerian dwarf dad = mini mancha.

So keep Copper Sun Acres in mind next year when all those spring babies are not available anymore. Copper Sun Acres will have baby Nigerian dwarf goats later in 2022 (probably August or September babies). Hopefully a mini mancha sometime in the spring of 2022.

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