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All Baby Goats are here, FINALLY!!

Ok, so as you know I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby goats!! They are all finally here! Fiona was the first to give birth on 3/16/2020 to triplets! Lily was second to give birth a week later on 3/23/2020! YAY! 6 baby goats in all! We have 2 doelings and 4 bucklings. We are all super excited to have the little ones on the farm again. All of the babies are for sale. You can see their pictures on the kids 4 sale page. They are very colorful this year.

Also, you might have seen on the breeding page of my website that Copper Sun Acres Luke Grsswalker was used with 2 other does from a different farm. The contact info for that farm is on the same page. I believe they are selling 4 of the 5 babies. If interested in those babies feel free to get ahold of them. They might be back next year (this breeding season in fall of 2020) to breed again to my buck(s).

Last year I had a 3rd doe, my lamancha doe, that was pregnant and gave birth to one baby. This past breeding season she did not get pregnant. I tried to get her bred but my bucks did not succeed. Hopefully this breeding season there will be success. Her baby (mini mancha) from last year was the friendliest goat ever. My friend bought her from me and said that she is like a dog. She follows my friend around the property while she is doing her chores.

Babies born 3/23/2020

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