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All 2020 Goat Kids are SOLD!

Just wanted to let everyone know that all baby goats have been sold for this year. I keep getting e-mails and voice messages asking if I have any goat kids available. I have taken all posts down. I'm sorry if people are getting mislead.

If you are interested in becoming a goat owner or adding to your goat herd, I'll be happy to answer questions. I will also keep your information on hand to get in contact with you in the spring of 2021 when the new baby goats arrive. I try to pinpoint the delivery date so I know when to expect the babies. I also post that info on the website, on the breeding page. I have the info posted in a couple of days of them being born. Pictures are not always available right away due to poor lighting or the weather (born normally in mid to late march).

I hope this is helpful. I also hope you won't hesitate to call or e-mail me with questions if you are new to goats.



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