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Meet the Goats


A Little About Us

              We have decided to breed Nigerian Dwarf goats.  They are small, friendly, easy to handle goats that produce a rich creamy milk with high butterfat content.  Definitely a great choice of breed to have when you have young kids.  My 2 boys love the smaller goats.  They are not afraid to go in the pen with them, help me milk them, or just play with them.



             It all started in 2016 when my husband and I realized how much milk we were buying in a week. It was around 4 gallons a week. It was getting ridiculous! Not just drinking it but cooking, baking with it, and using in cereal.  We started talking about getting a dairy animal.  We weighed our options between goats or a cow.  A cow, we decided, was a little much. Not just size of cow but also the amount of milk we would get on a daily basis.  Goats were the better option.  There are so many breeds of goats to choose from.  We wanted something small and compact that wouldn't require a great deal of fencing or shelter, since it gets pricey.  So the search began.  My neighbor bred Lamanchas and we were planning on buying one of her baby boy(buckling) goats.  I found a baby girl Lamancha on classifieds site). At the time we did not know the breeder, who was selling the Lamancha doeling, specialized in Nigerian Dwarf goats(origionaly what husband wanted to get).  Long story short, we went to the farm and bought the baby girl(doeling) Lamancha and a full grown Nigerian Dwarf Doe(female) who was already in milk(bonus). Went back 2 months later and bought a full grown Nigerian Dwarf Buck(male).  2017 we bought another Nigerian Dwarf doeling from the same farm.

           Currently, on our farm we have 2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Does, and 1 Lamancha Doe. The origional Lamancha doeling and buckling we had I ended up selling. The girl was getting to be loud.  She would holler in the morning when she saw the porch light come on.  This was 5am and we have neighbors around us.  The male was just huge and jumped the fence now and again.  The Lamancha I have now is the mom to the male Lamancha I sold.  She is big but she is quiet and containable.  All of the Lamanchas I've had were sweet.  With the Lamancha doe, I plan on breeding her to my Nigerian Dwarf bucks to produce Mini Manchas.  I'm very excited to see how it all turns out!

           So that's a little about why we have goats and how we got them. I tried to keep it short and sweet. Did not want to bore you too much.  Go ahead, explore the site and meet the goats! 



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