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Kids 4 Sale

All 2022 kids are SOLD!!


Triplets- Born 3/4/2022



Doeling- P1


Buckskin w/ blue eyes 



Doeling- P2


Buckskin w/ blue eyes



Buckling- P3


Buckskin, white poll, 

Twins- Born 3/26/2022

Pictures coming soon

Doeling- P4



Polled Doeling, very colorful


Buckling- P5


Buckskin, white poll, 

          When you buy kids(baby goats) from Copper Sun Acres, you can have peace of mind that they have been well taken care of.  Human interaction is something you can count on.  Babies born here are handled from day one.

            All kids born at Copper Sun Acres are mother raised.  This means they are not bottle fed(unless there is a need to) and they will stay with mom for 8weeks.  If you want a wethered goat, they will stay with mom for at least 12weeks because castrating is done at 12weeks of age.  This allows time for them to learn from mom on what to eat, start eating on their own, and drinking water on their own. 

           Also we make sure all babies are up to date with dewormings and CDT vaccine.  We disbud all babies.  We disbud our goats so that no one gets hurt.  No one wants to get hit with those horns. 

           All the kids will be able to be registered either with ADGA(American Dairy Goat Association) or MDGA(Miniature Dairy Goat Association).  Bucks and Does are the only ones able to be registered.  If buying a wethered(castrated male) kid, they can not be registered because they can not reproduce.  On day of pickup of kid, I will have registration applications available for buyer and a record sheet of everything that was done while in the care of Copper Sun Acres.

           Before kid goes to new home, they will have hooves trimmed and they will have had their tattoos(needed for registration) done as well.  The goat kids should be familiar with chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and humans when they go to new home.  We have all of those here at Copper Sun Acres.

PICS FROM PHONE 173_edited.jpg
Lilys 2019 187.jpg
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