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              Copper Sun Acres has started making soap summer of 2018.  I make cold process soap with goat's milk.  Cold process soap takes 6 weeks or more to cure.  All are made with raw goat milk, oils/fats(coconut, olive, palm, etc.), and sodium hydroxide.  Those are the 3 basic ingredients needed to make goat milk soap. 

                                                                    SOAP IS NOW AVAILABLE!




Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Full Bars (Avg 6oz)    $6.00

Half Bars (Avg 3oz)    $4.00

Mini Bars (Avg 1.5oz)  $2.00


          Check out the Soap Shop.  It will be updated frequently with what is available.  Feel free to contact me with special orders, maybe there is something your interested in I don't have mentioned.  Keep in mind that it will take at least 6 weeks to cure the soap before it will be ready to use/sell.

If interested in a large quantity of soap check out the customized soap page.  It has more information and pricing info for large orders.


Goat Milk Lotion

  8oz Bottles/Jars $12.00

4oz Bottles/Jars  $8.00

* Lotion does not have a 6 week curing period. It can be ready within 48hrs of ordering. You can always make a custom order.

Bath Bombs $2.00
* Bath Bombs can be ready within 48hrs of ordering. You can always make a custom order.
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