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The Does

PICS FROM PHONE 243_edited.jpg

Zig-Be Farm FR Fiona (Nigerian Dwarf)

                 AKA Fiona

Breeding Doe w/blue eyes                   Born 3/16/2017 

Dam: AGS Roemigs Rocky Ridge Ruby

Sire: Joyful Kids Farm Flint

Normally has triplets or quadruplets.

Photo coming soon

Lil Jo Peep's Pumpkin Pie (Nigerian Dwarf)

                 AKA Pumpkin

Breeding Doe Polled                  Born 7/19/2020

Dam: Lil Jo Peep's Giselle

Sire: Lil Jo Peep's Enzo Moon

2022 1st kidding season. Had twins.

PICS FROM PHONE 251_edited.jpg

The Copper Sun Acres Patchwork (Lamancha)

                 AKA Patches

Breeding Doe          Born 3/2014

Dam: Unknown

Sire: Unknown

 All of her babies will be able to be registered with MDGA(Miniature Dairy Goat Association).  I'm breeding her with my Nigerian Dwarf Bucks to have Mini Manchas. 2019 first year doing this. Also she has had twins every kidding except 2019 had a single kid.

All are CAE negative

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