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          Nigerian Dwarf goats can be bred anytime of the year.  The does go into heat every month year round which is why they are able to be bred anytime.  At Copper Sun Acres we still breed in the fall for spring babies.  We have not tried anything new as of yet.  We usually introduce the buck to the doe in late October to early November.  Normally we get late March kids to early April kids.  Check below for the breeding lineup. 

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At Copper Sun Acres we put doe and buck together in a pasture so there is no guessing who bred to who. I keep them together for 3 or more weeks.  This way I know the doe has been in heat at least twice and the buck had time to do what he had to do.   I do not use artificial insemination.  It all happens naturally.  

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Breeding Lineup Fall of 2021

Patches &  Copper

Not sure if bred

Fiona & Luke

Born March 4, 2022

Pumpkin & Luke

Born March 26, 2022

*You can see pictures of the goats under meet the goats menu. From there look for Does and/or Bucks. 
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